Don’t panic: data management vs data strategy vs data governance

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Overall framework

You might argue with the framework below as IT and Data strategy can be a part of the functional strategies that operate below the business-level strategy. For the purpose of this article, I will place them on the same level as the business strategy.

Organizational strategy. The author of the framework is unknown. Please point to the source if you recognize it
Data strategy vs Data governance vs Data management

Data strategy or Why of data?

According to DAMA’s Data Management Body of Knowledge (DMBoK), a “strategy is a set of choices and decisions that together chart a high-level course of action to achieve high-level goals. A data strategy should include business plans to use the information to competitive advantage.” Here’s what the Guide has to say about data strategy. It says that data strategy supports an organizational strategy by identifying business objectives and key drivers. Essentially, data strategy allows answering the question, ‘Why data matters? and ‘How business can benefit from data?’.

Global Data Strategy. See the webinar at

Data governance or WWWW (Who, What, When, Where) of data?

Data governance is “a collection of practices and processes which help to ensure the formal management of data assets within an organization” (Dataversity). The Guide defines data governance as “a collection of practices, processes, roles, policies, standards, and metrics which help to ensure the formal management of data assets within an organization.” DG defines the roles of those (WHO) involved in data (WHAT data assets) and ensures that the right people (WHO) have access to the right information (WHAT data assets) at the right time (WHEN & WHERE) and in the right format.

Minimal data governance by Nicola Askham

Data management or How of data?

Data management is “a collection of practices, concepts, and processes dedicated to leveraging data assets for business success and compliance with data regulations” (Dataversity). The Guide states that data management manages the full data lifecycle needs of an enterprise by executing and enabling rules and policies described in data governance, hence, it answers the question, ‘How to manage data?’

The DAMA / DMBOK Wheel
Data management maturity comparison by Data Crossroads at

What is next?

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